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The following rates are estimates. A TRC representative can give you an exact quote/price based on your needs.

The other major variable is fuel. Diesel fuel now costs about $4.71/gal (10/15/2017) and a diesel driven unit uses about 1 gal per hour on high speed and 0.6 gal per hour on low speed, about $4.71/hour. The hotter the weather, the lower the temperature requirement, the more times per hour you are in and out of the trailer, the longer the doors are open or left ajar, the more time the unit will be running at high speed. In the summer the unit could be running 10 to 18 hours a day costing $47 to $85 above the daily rental. 

If you have 220 single phase or three phase electric power available within 50 feet of unit placement (some extension cord may be acceptable), The average daily electric bill will be about $5.00/day.

3841 N Columbia Blvd. Portland, OR 97217